Digital Artist/Graphic Designer

Inspired by the island lifestyle, the design process takes time.  Every project is carefully handcrafted, in a relaxed, island inspired work environment, taking all the time needed for the highest artistic, creative quality.

Listening first, understanding who you are, what you do, is important for a true reflection of what you and your business represent. Collaboration is key for success, as we work the design process together.


Artistic first renderings for approval are presented next, as ideas begin to have life. After your approval we set time for any additional digital media needed. 

Before the final rendering we collaborate on final tweaks to perfect the digital art, digital media and/or website, before completion and web publication..

Passionate about creativity, art, design, music and simplicity.



President of River Run Records

“El is an excellent designer and a wonderful person.”

Paul ewing

President of Wingsmusic Entertainment, LLC

“El is a wonderful person and a talented designer.”

Jawor Lumber

Vice President of Jawor Lumber

“Excellent work and a pleasure to work with .”


President of Home is Where the Heart is.

“El is a specialist, I love the work she does.”

Bethanie Giardiana

Home Staging Designer

“El is the best, I wouldn’t work with anyone else.”